Thomas Rye Simonsen presents research on high plasticity Palaeogene clay at the ICSMGE2017

By Geo Communication

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The 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering takes place in Seoul, Korea from 17-22 September 2017. Thomas Rye Simonsen presents two papers on high plasticity Paleogene clay.

Thomas Rye Simonsen, Industrial PhD student in Geo, participates in the ICSMGE Conference with both an oral presentation and a poster presentation. Theme of the conference is ‘Unearth the Future, Connect Beyond’ and aim at offering an interpretation of past, present and future, bridging young and experienced engineers as well as developed and developing nations.


Oral presentation

At an oral presentation, Thomas Rye Simonsen presents the paper: ”Permeability of a stiff fissured very high plasticity Palaeogene clay - direct and indirect measurement methods and scale effects”.

“The paper investigates a parameter, which is very difficult to determine: The permeability of high plasticity Paleogene clay. We know from experience that the permeability for high plasticity Paleogene clay is larger in situ than when measured in the lab, and the paper focuses on the correlation between permeability in the lab and in situ. Our research show that the in situ permeability can be more than 100 times larger than the permeability findings in the lab due to macro structures in the clay”, says Thomas.

Time and place for the presentation:

  • Session 1, at 9.00-10.30

  • 20 September

  • Room: Grand Ballroom 102


Poster presentation

At the poster presentations, Thomas will present the paper: Field measurements of pore-water pressure changes in a stiff fissured very high plasticity Palaeogene clay during excavation and pile driving.

The paper presents results from pore-water pressure measurements in high plasticity Paleogene clay in connection to excavations and pile driving. The results provide an important insight to how high plasticity Paleogene clay behaves in situ and can help us to understand the history of the clay and earlier times’ loads and reliefs from e.g. ice ages.

Time and place for the presentation:

  • 17 September at 16.00

  • 21 September at 17.00

  • Room: Hall 2D (3F), COEX